How Do You Maintain Positive Investor Relationships Post-Funding?

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    How Do You Maintain Positive Investor Relationships Post-Funding?

    Navigating the post-funding landscape requires founders to foster strong, ongoing relationships with their investors. We've gathered insights from CEOs and Co-Founders, distilling their collective wisdom into eleven key pieces of advice. From the importance of keeping investors in the loop to fulfilling promises made, these leaders highlight the critical steps to maintaining a positive investor relationship.

    • Keep Investors in the Loop
    • Involve Investors Strategically
    • Ensure Transparency and Trust
    • Communicate Transparently and Consistently
    • Value Investor Expertise Post-Investment
    • Set Clear Expectations Early
    • Celebrate Successes Together
    • Educate Investors Beyond Updates
    • Present Challenges with Action Plans
    • Maintain Frequent, Honest Communication
    • Fulfill Promises to Investors

    Keep Investors in the Loop

    You need to regularly update your investors on what is happening. It can be a short update regarding the milestones you agreed upon, or if there is a major change that was not factored in but is happening or about to happen. In other words, always keep them in the loop.

    Zain Jaffer
    Zain JafferCEO, Zain Ventures

    Involve Investors Strategically

    One crucial piece of advice for founders is to involve investors in your strategic decision-making process. By seeking their input and valuing their insights, you can strengthen the relationship and leverage their expertise. This practice has contributed to my business success by fostering a collaborative environment and benefiting from diverse perspectives. When evaluating a career break, consider how you can involve mentors or advisors in your planning. Their guidance can help you make informed decisions and ensure that your break contributes positively to your personal and professional growth.

    Thomas Griffin
    Thomas GriffinCo-Founder & President, OptinMonster

    Ensure Transparency and Trust

    It's important to be transparent and meet on a frequent basis to ensure there are no surprises in your company's roadmap. Building trust happens over time, and making sure your investors feel like they are a huge part of that success will only happen if they feel they've been a part of the ideation process the entire way through.

    Jordan Edelson
    Jordan EdelsonCEO & Founder, Appetizer Mobile

    Communicate Transparently and Consistently

    One piece of advice I'd give to founders on maintaining a positive investor relationship post-funding is to prioritize transparent and consistent communication. Keeping your investors informed about the progress, challenges, and milestones of your business fosters trust and aligns expectations. Regular updates, whether through formal reports, newsletters, or casual check-ins, show your investors that you value their involvement and are committed to keeping them in the loop. Be honest about both successes and setbacks; transparency about challenges demonstrates your integrity and proactive approach to problem-solving.

    Additionally, seek their advice and feedback. Investors bring valuable experience and insights that can help you navigate obstacles and seize opportunities. By actively engaging them in your journey, you make them feel like true partners in your success. Maintaining this open line of communication not only strengthens your relationship with investors but also ensures that you have their support and confidence as you grow your business. It creates a foundation of mutual respect and collaboration, which is essential for long-term success and navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurial ventures.

    Michelle Aran
    Michelle AranFounder & CEO, Velvet Caviar

    Value Investor Expertise Post-Investment

    Your investors are a valuable source of expertise and experience, so my advice is to seek their guidance and input on key decisions and strategies even after they've made their investment. Doing so not only helps you make informed choices for your business but also shows your investors that you value their insights and perspectives. On that same note, getting your investors involved in the decision-making process fosters a sense of collaboration and partnership, which naturally leads to stronger, more meaningful relationships.

    Chris Christoff
    Chris ChristoffCo-Founder, MonsterInsights

    Set Clear Expectations Early

    One crucial step for maintaining strong investor relations post-funding is setting and maintaining clear expectations from the very first meeting. If investors feel let down and don't even know what to expect, they will begin to lose trust in you as a leader, which can cause some serious problems down the line. My advice is to use your initial meetings to lay out a transparent framework for how and when you'll provide updates. Agree on a consistent reporting schedule—whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly—and define specific milestones, metrics, and long-term goals. This step helps a lot because investors are all about meeting numbers and chasing tangible goals.

    Daman Jeet Singh
    Daman Jeet SinghCEO, FunnelKit

    Celebrate Successes Together

    One piece of advice I'd offer founders on maintaining a positive relationship with investors post-funding is to celebrate successes together, no matter how small. While regular updates and transparency are crucial, ensuring that your investors feel like they're part of the team's achievements can build a deeper connection and foster goodwill.

    Share wins, big or small, with a personalized touch. Whether it's a product launch, reaching a milestone, or positive customer feedback, keep investors in the loop with enthusiastic and celebratory communications. This can be in the form of a quick email, a personal call, or a special newsletter dedicated to successes. Highlighting their contributions to these wins can make them feel valued and integral to your journey.

    Robert De Los Santos
    Robert De Los SantosCEO, Sky High Party Rentals

    Educate Investors Beyond Updates

    I believe in always prioritizing and educating investors, not just updating them on company performance. Providing educational sessions about the nuances of your industry, the complexities of your technology or business model, the challenges you face, and the strategic decisions behind your actions does far more than simply sharing metrics. It keeps investors deeply engaged, builds their knowledge and appreciation for what you do, and can foster a stronger, supportive relationship through tough phases that inevitably require making difficult choices. Investors who feel they truly understand your world are more likely to remain patient, loyal partners.

    Blair Williams
    Blair WilliamsCEO, MemberPress

    Present Challenges with Action Plans

    One way to maintain a positive relationship with your investors is to identify the problems you encountered in the past or mistakes you made and devise an action plan to overcome such challenges. When you meet your investors' expectations, things are already going smoothly for you. The problem arises when you fail to meet their expectations. In most cases, founders just end up making excuses or preparing a long list of challenges they face. They don't focus on presenting an action plan for tackling such challenges head-on in the future or showcasing the lessons they learned from their previous mistakes.

    Jared Atchison
    Jared AtchisonCo-Founder, WPForms

    Maintain Frequent, Honest Communication

    One piece of advice I'd give founders on maintaining a positive investor relationship is to prioritize frequent communication, like you would in any close relationship that you want to remain positive and strong. It doesn't have to be big acts and gestures that take priority either. It really is the small things that add up and build a transparent, healthy relationship. Keep your investors informed about both successes and challenges you're experiencing. Regularly check in with them and give them updates on how things are going. This open approach ensures the relationship is always in alignment and investors are never blindsided.

    Blair Thomas
    Blair ThomasCo-founder, eMerchantBroker

    Fulfill Promises to Investors

    One of the most effective ways to maintain a positive relationship with your investors post-funding is to fulfill what you promised. When investors fund you, they believe in your vision and think that you are capable of delivering what you promised. They act as support for your business and expect results in exchange.

    So, to maintain a healthy relationship with them, it's important that you keep the deliverables on track and reach the milestones outlined in your pitch or funding agreements. Even when you think that things aren't going as planned, be upfront and explain the situation clearly with appropriate reasoning. This fosters strong bonds and enables you to maintain positive investor relationships.

    Stephanie Wells
    Stephanie WellsCo-founder and CTO, Formidable Forms